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Kateryna & Olena

Two Horizons: Echoes of Nature


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Kateryna & Olena

Daughter & Mother

A charity ArtShow for Ukraine


15.08.2024 - ♾️


in Jadore Studio, Helsinki





Welcome to the evocative exhibition “Two Horizons: Echoes of Nature” by two Ukrainian artists Olena Kulishova and Kateryna Harahulia, at Jadore Studio in Helsinki.

This unique vernissage  invites you to embark on a visual journey through the majestic landscapes of Ukraine and Finland, crafted with passion and resilience by these talented artists.


About the Exhibition:


"Two Horizons: Echoes of Nature" masterfully intertwines the serene beauty of Finnish and Ukrainian landscapes, celebrating the profound connection between these two distinct yet harmonious natural worlds. Through their intricate artworks, Olena Kulishova and Kateryna Harahulia offer a poignant reflection on the power of nature to heal and inspire, especially in times of turmoil.


The Artists:


Olena Kulishova and Kateryna Harahulia, having fled the conflict in Ukraine, find solace and strength in their art. Their journey as refugees has deepened their appreciation for the tranquility and resilience found in nature, which they express vividly in their paintings. By showcasing forests of Finland alongside the flora of Ukraine, they create a dialogue between two geographies, emphasizing their shared essence of peace and beauty.


Why You Should Visit:


A Celebration of Natural Beauty: Experience the breathtaking vistas of Ukraine and Finland, two countries rich in natural splendor.

Kulishova and Harahulia’s works capture the essence of these landscapes, from the serene Finnish forests to the vibrant Ukrainian fields.


A Story of Resilience and Hope:


Witness the power of art as a means of coping and overcoming adversity. The exhibition not only showcases beautiful landscapes but also tells a story of hope and resilience through the eyes of two artists who have found refuge and inspiration in their surroundings.


A Unique Cultural Fusion:


Delight in the fusion of Ukrainian and Finnish artistic traditions. The contrasting yet complementary styles of the artists create a rich tapestry that celebrates the diversity and unity of nature’s beauty.


Strengthening Bonds Between Nations:


This exhibition is more than an artistic endeavor; it is a testament to the deepening friendship and cooperation between Ukraine and Finland. Through their art, Kulishova and Harahulia highlight the importance of international solidarity, mutual support, and the shared pursuit of peace.


A Message of Peace and Unity:


Engage with artworks that inspire reflection on our connection to nature and its role in our lives, particularly during challenging times. The exhibition encourages viewers to appreciate the natural world and its ability to provide solace and inspiration, fostering a spirit of unity and peace.


Join us at Jadore Gallery in Helsinki from August 15th at 16:30 to immerse yourself in the harmonia of two horizons.

Discover the profound stories behind the art of Olena Kulishova and Kateryna Harahulia, and witness how their works strengthen the bonds between two nations, celebrating the enduring spirit of cooperation, support, and peace. Let their art ignite a sense of hope and appreciation for the natural harmony that unites us all.


Additionally, the proceeds from the sale of the paintings will be donated to the “ Charity Foundation of Social Health”  in Kharkiv, Ukraine, to support their charitable efforts.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Jadore Studio for their invaluable assistance and support in making this event possible!



Information about  artists:


Helena Kulishova studied at the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts (KhSADA) (1989-1994) in the faculty  "Design" and faculty department: "Industrial Design".

Graduated from the graduate school of the Kharkov Academy of Design and Arts (KhSADA). Helena has a PhD minimum, work on a PhD thesis.

She specialises on  design, environment design, industrial design, architecture, landscape design, visual art, painting, grafics, monumental art.

Helena is a member of the Ukrainian Design Union since 2002, member of the Finnish Design Union “Ornamo” since 2022, member of Global Art Point since 2023.

She  was awarded a diploma of the Ministery of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine "For contribution to the Ukrainian design".

Helena is practicing designer, founder of the creative lab  "Design Archi-Decor"

Her recent exhibitions in Finland include “Rescued by Finland”  as part of the Imatra Art Week, in the Espoo Kannusali (2023) and in Jarvenpaa (2023), “Immersive Art Project “Myrskylintu” in DemolitionArtHouse “Pinni 47”, Tampere, Finland (2023) and “Hope” in Fiskars, Finland (2024).


Kateryna Harahulia studied at the Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Fine Arts and the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (Ukraine).

She has master’s degree in Fine Arts and working on her PhD research.

 She is a versatile visual artist and designer who has exhibited in major cities in Ukraine, Finland and Europe.

Her art pieces are in private collections in Europe, the Middle East, the USA and China, as well as in museum collections in Ukraine.

Her recent exhibitions  include “The Forest Glow” as part of the Anti-Festival Kuopio (2022), Imatra Art Week, Espoo Cultural Centre (2022), Espoo Kanusali (2023), Lilla Villan Gallery (2023) and in the Culture Centre “Aurora” (2024) , “Revelation of Consternation in  Myymala2 Gallery,  Helsinki (2023) , “Renascence” in Jarvenpaa , Finland (2023) ,”Women’s Essence” in Berlin , Germany (2023) and in Barcelona, Spain (2024), Immersive Art Project “Myrskylintu” in DemolitionArtHouse “Pinni 47”, Tampere, Finland (2023), Quantum Critic in Myymala2 Gallery in Helsinki, Finland (2023), Rome Art Expo in Rome, Italy (2023), “The Glow of Hope” in Kulturhuset “Grand”, Porvoo (2023), Kupru Gallery, Fiskars (2024), “Hope” in Blossom point Gallery in Helsinki (2024) and «The Land Of Silence," Musa Pavilion in Palazzo Pisani-Revedin during the 60th Biennale di Venezia. Venice, Italy (2024).

She is a member of Finnish Painters Union, member of Finnish Design Union “Ornamo”, member of TAKU and Globe Art Point.

She was speaker of All European Sympоsium “Artistic Future Building” in Helsinki (2022) , UN cultural representative at the World Village festival in Helsinki (2024)  and jury member in ArsWeikkola Festival in Veikkola, Finland (2024).



More information:,

Instagram: @dextrum_methodo_art,  @design_archidecor

Facebook: Kateryna Harahulia



Artists made a decision that after the sale of the paintings, they donate money to  “ Charity Foundation of Social Health”  in Kharkiv, Ukraine, which helps disabled people, large families and elderly people in Ukraine with humanitarian aid and medicines.

The price negotiable and depends on the picture.


Acknowledgement to Stéphane-Pierre Martin-Phung and  Jadore Studio and Ukrainian Culture Center “Renascence”.



Kateryna & Olena
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