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Art Studio
Hair & Nail Salon  

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A unique Hair & Nail Salon
within an Art Gallery

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The Story

Fashion & art


Jadore  Studio Helsinki.

First, thank you! 

You,  our friends and customers, in the best as well as in the worst of times, through the years you have always been here, you have always come to support us.

We have created this unique Studio for you.

As we bring you the best of our fashion skills,

we wish to discover new Artists with you.

We make Art Exhibition & Salon services a cozy and warm experience.

Our Art Studio is to bring visibility to all Artists, regardless of their backgrounds. 

Jadore Studio's Nail Services.

Complete your final fashion touch with gorgeous nails.

Nails should be healthy, we often underestimate the importance of well structured nails.

Our Nail Technician will advise you with our choice of classic lacquer from our OPI colours of the season collection, to gel polishes of  the highest quality and colours. Our selection of wild range of nail designs will awake ideas you've never imagined. 

From Classic to Artistic Creations, we will listen to your wishes.

Jadore Studio's Hair Spa corner will serve you with scalp massage, relaxation.

Our top choices of hair & scalp therapy are to bring you customised  and personalised care. We respect the health of your hair above all.

We aim not to just hear you, but to listen to your needs and wishes.

We make the decisions for your hair with you.

Your life style and your time matters to us.

We understand that not everyone has time to style their hair for hours.



Striving for wellness with a combination of fashion, top high-end services and environmental sustainability.

For you, every choice we make is a reflection of our engagement, and that includes our choice of partner brands. We guaranty that our hair care brands are animal cruelty free and though animal testing free, environmentally sustainable, and high-performing.

We are to recycle more than ever,

focusing on minimum waste.




Salon owner / Top Hairstylist

From Paris, in Helsinki since 2008.

Handcraft cut & colour, techniques from my multiple travels across different continents. 

"The main key point, when it comes to hair, is communication".

A hairstylist, who's learnt to listen, has already 70% chance to succeed in any hair project.

Each one of my guest, client is a new inspiration from their story, sense of fashion and time to time needs.

The World,  something as simple as a look at someone in the street, at Architecture, at Art are the roots of my creations.


Coiffeur français à Helsinki depuis 2008.

Mèche à mèche coupe & couleur, techniques de par mes multiples voyages à travers différent continents.

  Le point essentiel de la coiffure est communication. Un coiffeur qui écoute attentivement a déjà 70% de réussite dans chacun de ses projets. Chaque personne de par leur vie, vision de la mode et besoins personnels est une nouvelle sources d'inspirations nouvelles.

Le Monde, l'Art, l'Architecture, les gens dans les rues sont les sources de mes créations.

Jana Wesala

Screenshot 2021-06-25 at 09.04.27Europe-


Hiusmuotoilija - Top Hairstylist

”Ihmisen näkeminen ja kuunteleminen persoonana on Janan lähtökohta. Tutustuminen asiakkaan ehdoilla ja vuoropuhelu luovat pohjan hiusmuotoilun mahdollisuuksille, myös uusille ideoille. Pitkän ajan kokemus yhdistyy jatkuvaan kiinnostukseen alan kehittymistä kohtaan. Virikkeitä Jana saa ympärillä liikkuvista ihmisistä – kohtaamisista niin kotikaupungin katukuvassa kuin kansainvälisessä vilinässä, siellä missä jatkuvasti tapahtuu. Kentän virtaukset kulkeutuvat ajatuksen ja käsien kautta osaksi asiakkaan toiveita.”

”Jana’s inspiration in her work comes from the customer’s personality and by seeing and listening to them. This cooperation brings forth a meeting generating ideas for hairstyles to ensure the customer’s satisfaction. She closely follows trends and new developments in her field and gets impulses both from Helsinki’s and international settings, its people, urban life and atmosphere. Jana’s work is a combination of the clients’ wishes with her thoughts made true through the handicraft of her vast experience.”


Elena's picture 11.2022.jpeg


Hiusmuotoilija - Hairstylist

I offer you a -20% discount for your first hair service

Olen hiusmuotoilija, olen erikoistunut erilaisiin hiustenleikkauksiin ja hiusten muotoiluun.

Kehitän jatkuvasti ammattitaitojani ja opettelen uusia tekniikoita.

Rakastan työtäni ja arvostan henkilökohtaista lähestymistapaa. Yritän aina valita tyyliä, joka on yksilöllinen jokaiselle asiakkaalle. Mielelläni keskustelen hiusten ja hiuspohjanhoidosta ja suosittelen sopivat kotihoitotuoteet.

Tärkein ammatissani on tuoda ihmisille kauneutta.

I am a hair stylist specialising in various haircuts and hair styling.

I am constantly improving my craft and learning new techniques for working with hair. 

I adore my job, and I value a personalized approach. I always try to choose a style that is unique to each visitor. In addition, I will be happy to discuss hair care rules and perform restorative and healing procedures for hair and scalp. 

The most important thing in my profession and in my life is to give people beauty.


Aurelija 2022.jpeg


Kynsiteknikko - Nail Technician

I offer you a -20% discount on your first Nail service

In my work, quality comes first. I believe in consistent development, therefore, I continuously train to improve my skills and I really take time and effort to perfect the service you get!

Even though I committed to the nail industry a bit over 2 years ago, I’ve been drawing on nails since I was 15-years-old so I’ve had this passion for nail art for more than half of my life - I will be more than happy to explore endless possibilities of designs to make your nails the way you want them.

Friends describe me as trustworthy and kind. I always keep a positive attitude and will make my company a friendly and safe space to you. I can both keep a conversation and stay in silence, whichever you need at that moment. 


My knowledge of Swedish and Finnish is pretty basic but I study every day and will do everything to make sure we understand each other. I appreciate your understanding and you are always welcome to help me expand my language knowledge!

Join our team !!

jadorenayttelykuvat (25).jpg


Our team is looking for a hairstylist.

Some of us also speak Finnish.

Do you have a strong will to succeed and work in an inspiring, professional team in Helsinki center?


We offer you a very fair rental chair deal, a place in Jadore Studio team including trainings and an inspiring product sales commission.

We provide you with a unique place, an elegant Hair & Nail Salon within an Art Studio.

Your clients will be welcomed into our cozy Lounge, Italian fresh coffee bean, and different choice of tea will warm their heart.


Our clients’ comfort, service and hygiene are our top priorities.

You want to give your clients the feeling that they are your guests, that they are always welcome, Jadore Studio is the right place for you and them!

Come in, Contact me, or send me a DM we'll talk more about what you want!

Stéphane-Pierre, 0400858531.







Coming soon!!

Our  new Artist will start their exhibition on the Sunday 29th of January...

sea you


We introduce you our Beauty Partner

Sea You

kauneussalonki / Beauty Institute 

Tehtaankatu 13 (katutaso)

00140 Helsinki

We offer a wide range of services in our field, from basic treatments to pampering treatments! We offer high-quality wellness treatments and products from the Medik8, Elemis, Dermapen, Schupp, Peclavus and other product lines. Professionalism together with safe and high-quality care products guarantees you a unique, customer-oriented and relaxing service. Come explore our charming and stylish salon and enjoy pampering in our skilled hands. 

Tarjoamme laajan valikoiman alamme palveluita perushoidoista hemmotteluhoitoihin! Meiltä laadukkaita hyvänolonhoitoja ja tuotteita tuotesarjoilta Medik8, Elemis, Dermapen, Schupp, Peclavus jm. Ammattitaito yhdessä turvallisten ja laadukkaiden hoitotuotteiden kanssa takaa sinulle yksillöllisen, asiakaslähtöisen ja rentouttavan palvelun. Tule tutustumaan meidän viehättävään ja tyylikkääseen salonkiinmme ja nauti hemmottelusta taitavissa käsissämme. 


Hinnasto  -  Price list 

Palveluihimme sisältyy hiusten pesu ja käsittely hoitoaineella sekä rentouttava hiuspohjan hieronta.

Our hair services include a relaxing massage with our selection of shampoo & conditioner.

Accepted payments: credit/debit cards or invoice.

We do not provide change, there is no cash in our Studio.

Hinnasto Alk. / Price list from.


- hair treatment

Davines NaturalTech

NOURISHING: Professional reconstruction treatment for dry & frizzy hair,

Vegetal Keratin Wonder+Booster Superactive+Keratin sealer 

ENERGIZING: Professional treatment for thinning

  & prone to failing out hair,

thickening tonic+scalp gel+serum

RENEWING: Professional anti-aging & hair thickener




Professional rebounding treatment for damaged

  &  chemically treated hair

Davines NaturalTech

  Hairstylist / Top Hairstylist 

  Medium            70 / 90

Low to medium density, and hair to neck/jaw length. 

  Large                95 / 115

More dense hair, and to lower shoulder hair length.

XL                     120 / 140

From mid-back hair length.


  Hairstylist / Top Hairstylist 

  Medium            75 / 95

Low to medium density, and hair to neck/jaw length. 

  Large              100 / 120

More dense hair, and to lower shoulder hair length.

XL                     125 / 145

From mid-back hair length.


- Hair treatments with other services

Davines NaturalTech

  Medium            35

Low to medium density, and hair to neck/jaw length 

  Large                40

More dense hair, and to lower shoulder hair length.

   XL                   50

From mid-back hair length


Medium            40

Low to medium density, and hair to neck/jaw length 

  Large               45

More dense hair, and to lower shoulder hair length.

  XL                   55

From mid-back hair length

  Hiusten muotoiluleikkaus 

-  Haircut

  Hairstylist / Top Hairstylist 

  Small  (Parturi / Barber)  45 / 59 

5 weeks maximum regrowth.​

  Medium              68 / 82

Low to medium density, and hair to neck/jaw length. 

  Large                  74 / 115

More dense hair, and to lower shoulder hair length.

   XL                     90 / 138

From mid-back hair length.

  Lasten alle 7v -

Children til 7y      32 / 50

  Hiusten värikäsittely ja

hiusten muotoiluleikkaus 

-  Colour & Cut 

  Hairstylist / Top Hairstylist 

  Small               115 / 153

Roots colour for low to medium hair density.

6 weeks maximum regrowth.


  Medium          130 / 170

Full hair colour to neck/jaw length​

  Large              150 / 190

Full hair colour to lower shoulder level hair length.

   XL                  170 / 210

Full hair colour from mid-back hair length.

Colour removal from +45€

Hiusten trendivärikäsittely raidat/monivärit/Balayage 

ja hiusten muotoiluleikkaus 

- Highlights/Balayage/Multicolour & Cut 

  Hairstylist / Top Hairstylist 

  Medium          165 / 189

Half head highlights/balayage for low to medium hair density.

  Large              180 / 205

Full head highlights to lower shoulder hair length.

   XL                 195 / 225

Full head highlights/balayage from mid-back hair length.

Colour removal from +45€

   Kynsiteknikko  -  Nail Technician

" with opi lacquer polish "

Manicure for men / Miesten manikyyri         



Manicure only / Pikamanikyyri                     



Basic Manicure with OPI lacquer / Perusmanikyyri OPI                                       



Gel polish new / Geelilakkaus uudet             



Gel polish maintenance / Geelilaukkauksen huolto



Strengthening own nails with gel / Oman kynnen vahvistus geelillä                               



Nail strengthening with "Nude" base gel / Vahvistus "Nude" aluslakalla                         



Repair of a single nail / Yhden kynnen korjaus  12


Removal of gel polish + Polymer booster therapy / Geelilakkauksen poisto + kynsien hoito vahvistavalla polymeerilakalla             



Removal of gel polish / Geelilakkauksen poisto



Removal of gel nails / Rakennekynsien




Gel nails maintenance / Rakennekynnet huolto



Nail artist's choice / Kynsiteknikon valinta



Nail treatment with polymer booster / Kynsien lisähoito vahvistavalla polymeerilakalla



Simple design / Simppelit koristeet



Special design / Erikoiset koristeet



French tips / Ranskalainen muotoilu




Ombre fading / Ombre häivytys


  Hiusten värikäsittely - Colour

  Hairstylist / Top Hairstylist 

  Small                100 / 116

Roots colour for low to medium hair density. 6 weeks maximum regrowth.

  Medium            115 / 138

Full hair colour to neck/jaw length.

  Large                130 / 154

Full hair colour to lower shoulder level hair length.

   XL                   145 / 170

Full hair colour from mid-back hair length.

Colour removal from +45€

Hiusten trendivärikäsittely


- Balayage/highlights/Multicolour

  Hairstylist / Top Hairstylist 

  Medium            125 / 149

Half head Highlight/balayage for low to medium hair density.

  Large                140 / 165 

Full head highlights/balayage to lower shoulder hair length.

   XL                   155 / 181

Full head highlights/balayage from mid-back hair length.

Colour removal from +45€

  hiusten Pesu & föönaus  -  Wash & Style

  Hairstylist / Top Hairstylist 

  Medium            45 / 65

Low to medium hair density, and hair to neck/jaw length. 

  Large                55 / 100

More dense hair, and to lower shoulder hair length.

  Kiharakampaus  / Curl like blow-dry

  Hairstylist / Top Hairstylist 

  Medium            65 / 85

Low to medium hair density, and hair to neck/jaw length. 

  Large                80 / 100

More dense hair, and to lower shoulder hair length.

  Kampaukset  -  Party Style

  Hairstylist / Top Hairstylist 

                         160 / 160

  Juhla- Hääkampaus  -  Hairdo

  Hairstylist / Top Hairstylist 

                         160 / 210


Davines wella

OLAPLEX lanza 

opi didier.Lab emi

Davines Essential Care_edited.jpg
Image by "Jessie Dee" Dabrowski
Davines, the Well-Being of every type of Hair & Scalp!

Vegetal Keratin, Wonder & Booster 
from Dry to Very Damage Hair

helps maintain the wellbeing of scalp and hair, promoting their longevity.
The Renewing system gives softer, shinier and full-bodied hair.

for scalp and fragile hair prone to falling out. Helps stimulate new hair growth while reinforcing weak hair to prevent future breakage.

Essential care, NaturalTech,
Heart of Glass.

your Hairstylist for more information about our hair & scalp care!
NaturalTech Davines_edited_edited.jpg
Lush Curly Hairstyle


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contact information

Jadore Studio

Kapteeninkatu 24, Ullanlinna

00140 Helsinki, Finland


Jadore Studio:  +358 400 8585 31


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