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Hairstylist from Paris, France

The main key point, when it comes to hair, is communication".

A hairstylist, who's learnt to listen, has already 70% chance to succeed in any hair project.

Each one of my guest, client is a new inspiration from their story, sense of fashion and time to time needs. Finlande and the world are my inspiration, as for something as simple as a look at someone in the street, at Architecture, at Art,


Coiffeur français à Helsinki.

Le point essentiel de la coiffure est communication. Un coiffeur qui écoute attentivement a déjà 70% de réussite dans chacun de ses projets. Chaque personne de par leur vie, vision de la mode et besoins personnels  est toujours sources d'inspirations nouvelles.

La Finlande et le Monde, l'Art, l'Architecture, les gens dans les rues du Monde sont les sources de mes créations.


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When it comes to

hair & scalp, there is no small question. 

Feel free to ask us anything


Etsimme tiimiimme mahtavia uusia vuokratuolilaisia.

Ammattitaitoinen tiimi, jolle asiakastyytyväisyys, erinomainen työsuoritus ja päivittäinen uuden oppiminen on tärkeitä arvoja.

Etsimme hiusmuotoilijoita.

Hyvän työyhteisön lisäksi tarjoamme sinulle tilat ja korkealaatuiset laitteet, jotta pääset nopeasti alkuun.

Oletko kiinnostunut?

Ota pian yhteyttä, niin kerromme mielellämme lisää.

Stéphane-Pierre & Jana,

0400858531. (Eng/Fr)
jadorestudio.helsinki@gmail.com (Eng/Fin)


We are looking for great new rental chair members for our team.
A professional team for which customer satisfaction, excellent work performance and daily learning new things are important values.
We are looking for hairstylists.
In addition to a good work community, we provide you with facilities and high-quality equipment to get you started quickly.
Are you interested?
Contact us soon and we will be happy to tell you more.

Stylist 4


Hiusmuotoilija | Hairstylist

”Ihmisen näkeminen ja kuunteleminen persoonana on Janan lähtökohta. Tutustuminen asiakkaan ehdoilla ja vuoropuhelu luovat pohjan hiusmuotoilun mahdollisuuksille, myös uusille ideoille. Pitkän ajan kokemus yhdistyy jatkuvaan kiinnostukseen alan kehittymistä kohtaan. Virikkeitä Jana saa ympärillä liikkuvista ihmisistä – kohtaamisista niin kotikaupungin katukuvassa kuin kansainvälisessä vilinässä, siellä missä jatkuvasti tapahtuu. Kentän virtaukset kulkeutuvat ajatuksen ja käsien kautta osaksi asiakkaan toiveita.”

”Jana’s inspiration in her work comes from the customer’s personality and by seeing and listening to them. This cooperation brings forth a meeting generating ideas for hairstyles to ensure the customer’s satisfaction. She closely follows trends and new developments in her field and gets impulses both from Helsinki’s and international settings, its people, urban life and atmosphere. Jana’s work is a combination of the clients’ wishes with her thoughts made true through the handicraft of her vast experience.”

Screenshot 2021-06-25 at 09.04.27Europe-

Jana Wesala

Hiustenmuotoilija/Hairstylist 🇫🇮🇬🇧


Bettina's experience seems to have started with a natural born talent.

Such talent, self awareness, strong sense of initiative multiply with her know how to go far beyond the book, make her achieve the desired results with her guests, clients.

She loves travelling, fashion & good food. 

Also very sociable and easy to approche. She can give you service in Finnish, french & english. 

Let her surprise you!

Bettina on selvästi  luonnonlahjakkuus alallaan. Hänellä on taitoa, reippautta ja osaamista paljon yli kokemusvuosiensa, joiden avulla hän pystyy taikomaan halutun tuloksen asiakkailleen. Bettina rakastaa matkustamista, muotia ja hyvää ruokaa. Hän on myös erittäin rento, sosiaalinen ja helposti lähestyttävä persoona. Hän pystyy palvelemaan teitä suomeksi, ranskaksi ja englanniksi.


Bettina est un talent naturel inné.

Confiance, sens de l'initiative, en plus de son talent à voir au delà de la théorie,  lui permettent d'acquérir le résultat désiré avec ses invités, clients.

Elle adore la mode, les voyages et la bonne nourriture.

Elle est très sociable et facile d'approche. Elle peut être au service des clients en Français,  Finnois et en anglais. 

Laisser la vous surprendre!


Your nails & hands deserve the best,

soon @ Jadore Studio

hands & nails service.

You like to work with us, your nail's station will be in our beautiful, cozy lounge area.

We will, with you create the final touch for you, and your guests, clients comfort.

Our guests are waiting for you.  

contact us now!




Then & Now 


First, thank you, our friends and customers.

In the best as well as in the worst of times, through the years you have always been here, you have always come to support us.


Jadore  Studio Ullanlinna, Helsinki.

Hair & Nail, Lounge & Gallery.

Our Lounge & Gallery will welcome you into its cozy and warm atmosphere.

Jadore  Hair Spa corner will serve you with scalp massage, relaxation.

Our top choices of hair & scalp therapy are to bring you customised  and personalised care. We respect the health of your hair above all.

We aim not to just hear you, but to listen to your needs and wishes.

We make the decisions for your hair with you.

Your life style and your time matters to us.

We understand that not everyone has time to style their hair for hours.



Striving for wellness with a combination of fashion, top high-end services and environmental sustainability.

For you, every choice we make is a reflection of our engagement, and that includes our choice of partner brands. We guaranty that our hair care brands are animal cruelty free and though animal testing free, environmentally sustainable, and high-performing.

Organic products and materials have become entirely part of our every day’s work.

We are to recycle more than ever,

focusing on minimum waste.



“Sustainability, being mindful about our environment, should also be the responsibility of each enterprise, company”.


“Comfort in a cozy, warm feeling sense”.


“I’m more willing to cross the city to go to a cozy tea house, than to a hair salon”.

“Hair salon tend to be cold, uninviting”


“Service is to give our time, a true listening ear”.


“A stylist who’s learnt to listen, has already 70% chance to succeed in any hair project”.


“Your passion inspires us trust”


“Together, to share the experience, feeling and love for your hair”.



Price List.     Stylist / Top Stylist / Owner




  Hiustenmuotoilu S

  Haircut S                                                                   45 / 54 / 59

  Klippning S


  Hiustenmuotoilu M                                                                                                 

  Haircut M                                                                  68 / 78 / 82

  Klippning M


  Hiustenmuotoilu L

  Haircut L                                                                  85 / 95 / 115

  Klippning L


  Lasten Hiustenmuotoilu Max 7

  Children's Haircut Max 7                                          35 / 45 / 55

  Barnklippning. Max 7


  Hiustenvärikäsittely ja hiustenmuotoilu M

  Colour & Cut M                                                  130 / 145 / 170

  Färgning och klippning M


  Hiustenvärikäsittely ja hiustenmuotoilu L

  Colour & Cut L                                                    150 / 165 / 190

  Färgning och klippning L


  Hiustentrendivärikäsittely ja hiustenmuotoilu M

  Highlights/Balayage & Cut M                             165 / 180 / 195

  Slingor och klippning M


  Hiustentrendivärikäsittely ja hiustenmuotoilu L

  Highlights/Balayage & Cut L                              180 / 190 / 215

  Slingor och klippning L


  Pesu & föönaus

  Wash & Style                                                            45/ 65 / 100

  Tvätt och fön


  Hairdo                                                                  130 / 160 / 210



Our hair services always come with our best
shampoo & conditioner 

 (All prices are subject to change according to our Hairstylists experience)

Booking system, how to start:

1. Click "OK",

2. Click on your chosen language's flag,

3. Choose your category, then choose your service.

4. Click "continue to select person".

(If you do not find the stylist you want, you have to go back to service, as your stylist does not do the service you have chosen).

Eyebrow Threading

Image by "Jessie Dee" Dabrowski www.jessiedee.net

"Life is a beautiful smile,

smile to life. "


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